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Indoor navigation system with augmented reality
for your museum

A museum usually presents thousands of objects across thousands of square meters, providing its visitors with an active and engaging history through time. To encourage and enable guests – especially children and young adults – ViewAR helps to create a unique experience for your visitors. INDOAR for museums opens up an immersive world of experiences, information, video,

AR-content and guided tours, that can be added to any existing physical museum venue without the need of expensive hardware infrastructures.

INDOAR is easy to implement and based on a digital twin, created with for example Matterport, NavVis or Leica scanners. It offers a complete range of features to create a new and exciting interactive augmented reality experience for museum visitors.

Unique AR guided tours & immersive experiences

The cultural experience will become more interactive and individual by combining the virtual with the real. Embrace this digital opportunity and increase your revenue by providing a new journey of discovery:


Create a Memorable Visitor Experience!

Start Rethinking the Way Visitors Enjoy Museums and Galleries.

  • More revenue without the hassle of more visitors
  • A more immersive experience for your visitors
  • Make remote working easier for your employees
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What INDOAR for Museums offers...


Easy installation

INDOAR is based on a digital twin by Matterport, Navvis or Leica. No further hardware infrastructure is necessary.

Easy access & use

Visitors start the museum app by scanning the QR-code with their own iOS or Android smartphone. Scan your surroundings and go!

Content for POI's

Content to enhance the experience of the visitor can be text, images, audio, video. It can be retrieved from existing collection management systems.

Interactive scenes

Object tracking with augmented reality content and interaction abilities overlaying the physical object on display in the museum.

Guided tours

Visitors can pick a guided tour of their interest.

During the tour they will be guided on their own smartphone to a series of items combined in the tour.

AI character

Our 3D guide avatar or a custom avatar can be created to be the visitors personal museum guide, and provide multilingual explanations!


Administrate the Point-of-Interest and tours in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your physical museum Venue.

Virtual exhibitions

Additionally you can offer partial or complete virtual exhibitions online on your website or for promotion purposes shared on social media.

Click here for an example

If you need more information about INDOAR for museums, want to schedule a demo call or need help to identify the most valuable use case of augmented reality for you, contact us. Our ViewAR experts are happy to help you.

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INDOAR for MUSEUMS- best practices


Technical Museum in Vienna

The Technical Museum Vienna is using the ViewAR system to guide visitors with tours or to specific items on location. Each item offers additional information like text, images and videos. This extra information is automatically retrieved from a 'museum collection management system' such as Adlib and connected to the right object.

Mamuz uses the ViewAR system to guide visitors through the exhibition and offer object related information like text, images and audio displayed on top of the actual items. The solution also offers an overview map of the exhibition with the ability to select items for detailed information.

MAMUZ Museum in Mistelbach

Powerful AR features.
New opportunities with INDOAR.


Using the latest visual positioning technology INDOAR provides precise and robust navigation without any extra hardware installations.

Hardware free

Our integrated high-performance recognition system and a range of support in digital twin creation platforms makes it possible to support any venue size.

Any venue size

Our system offers text and voice translations for all available languages. It uses by default the language setting of the mobile device.


Choose your guide from a list of predefined characters or use your own custom character. A simple „guide-free“ navigation with arrows is also available.

3D guide

Administrate the Point-of-Interest and tours in an easy to use interface based on the 3D digital twin of your physical museum Venue.

3D admin interface

Lets our integrated AI chatbot answer questions that arise during your clients experience. Our system supports both voice and text in- and output.

AI chatbot

You can setup the waypoints and POIs on-site using your mobile device or through our admin interface on your computer.

Easy location setup

With our visual positioning technology, INDOAR lets you start the navigation from any position in the location.

Instant positioning

Use our comfortable JavaScript-API to easily connect your existing applications or database to our system.

API integration

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